Fashion Suite (FS) offers its customers an easy & a convenient way to check the inspection details for those goods they sent to FS for inspection.

Information of Report Details


Inspection Record for Individual Style

you just simply input style no. & then you can have a record of inspected & passed qty for that style.


Detailed Inspection Summary Report


Inspection Summary Report

you can view inspection result for a list of style numbers for a selected factory in a particular month in a table-format. Reports of 2) & 3) are almost similar except 'Detailed Inspection Summary Report' will show you defect details while 'Inspection Summary Report' in simple 5 main categories.


Quality Performance

you can view "Defect Qty" against "Actual Inspection Qty" for all inspected goods of your factories in a multiple month presented in the bar-chart format.


Defect Classification Report

Showing you results for all inspected goods of your factories in a multiple month, but it focuses on the inspection defects - i.e. classify defects into 5 categories - Marks, Outlook, Sewing, Material & Danger that you may know what portions of quality problems your factories always encountered.


Seasonal Summary Report

You simply input the season code or particular month to month that you can have a full record by factory in a table format with 5 main categories classification.


Incoming Goods Record Detail

Simply log-in to our web-site and you can easily search a full and updated details of incoming goods record.