• Before the season start, we would like to have the projection from customer for our record. And we will further check/request w/customer or supplier to submit FS “inspection application form” before delivery, in order to make sure the pre-reservation figure is correct.
  • Please provide comprehensive order details for our inspection. Such as size specification with tolerance, approval sample, acceptable color lot swatches and accessories card in advance.
  • Our basic lead-time is 72 working hours; we will reconfirm the schedule with supplier basing on the actual situation.

Adequate preparation

  • Supplier is not necessary to pack the garment individually; they are requested to pack each 5pieces with one big poly-bag inside the export carton for protection.
  • Factory has to send the order accessories together with order goods. i.e. poly-bag, tissue paper, export carton
  • In case of hanging garment, it may delivery the garment with hanger or separately. Please kindly consider the appearance of garment is related to proper size of truck to delivery quantity. Extra packing accessories are necessary to accompany with delivery goods.
  • Factory has to submit their accessories/garment detail packing list for our record checking. In case of any different, we will inform to concern party.
  • Factory has to make sure their submitted carton is plain with no writing because we will base on the packing requirement to numbering the export carton by quantity. Our packing list will provide to factory once they collect the order goods.

Procedure of inspection

First inspection:
A grade: Acceptable garment will ready for packing.
B grade: Un-qualified garment will repair by manufacturer’s worker for 2nd inspection.
Second inspection:
Goods will take the same route of work flow for re-inspection.

Handling of rejected quantity

In case of minor problem, fashion suite will provide the place to factory’s worker for repairing in order to speed up the delivery. In case of any special, factory has to get back the goods for repairing. i.e. B grade quantity is huge, or necessary to repair by particular machine.

Transportation/Housing arrangement

All the incoming/outgoing delivery is arrange by factory themselves. Customer and supplier has to consider the insurance of merchandiser during the inspection. We are also no service of housing to factory worker in case of over night.