About FS Inspection

Established in 1994 in Shenzhen, China, as a subsidiary of Renown Japan, we provide inspection service to manufacturers and quality assurance to buyers.


1. Partnership: Fashion Suite works as an intermediary between buyers and manufacturers in terms of quality. We are enthusiastic about long term relationship / partnership to both buyers and manufacturers.

2. 100% Transparency: We provide a user friendly, web-based order tracking system. The whole workflow is transparent to both buyer and manufacturer.

3. Concept: Organization, education, comprehension, efficiency & flexibility.


1.Inspection system is check by individual Departments (i.e. labeling / measurement / workmanship / needle-check / packing)
Each group has 9-10 workers.
Total: 22 Individual Inspection Lines.
2.Total Employees: 350.Monthly Capacity: Eight Hundred Thousand pieces.
3.3. Extra Services:
We are differentiating ourselves from other inspection houses by providing extra services.
    - Provide technical assistance to manufacturer.
    - Provide place to manufacturer for repairing work.
    - Provide demo order test to buyer to preview quality before inspection.
    * Utilization of our color basket
Qualified garment B - Grade garment
Ready for inspection Ready for re-inspection
4.We provide a section to take care non-garment check item such as needle checking / bag / hat and any accessory items.
5.We strive to provide the best service to our clients, since 1997 Qtec Japan was nominated by our Head Office to provide monthly audit to our factory. With our expertise, buyers can be rest assured about the quality!
6.We only provide in-house inspection, and lead-time is 72 hours basically.
7.Fashion Suite Inspection has our own knitting factory which is under the same group company with about
1000 workers and situated nearby in the same area.
8.We provide an area with an approximate of 800sqm to accommodate special packing for order in larger quantity, mix styles boxing or assort multifarious colors / sizes in consignment for various ports.

1. In coming goods - Warehouse

Monthly projection checking and weekly updating with customers/suppliers All incoming goods will record by computer and scheduling for production.

2. Quantity checking

Basing on incoming goods packing to cross check any +/- quantity by color/size.

3. Label checking

Basing on worksheet instruction to full check piece by piece Record the correct quantity against to incoming total quantity. Report the data to supplier for (label/tag) replenishment Stretch test - Random check the main seam of each color/size 2 pieces
i.e. body/shoulder/armpit/opening.

4. Measurement checking

One standard garment compare to another 4 pieces measurement. And record the defect point by every 10 pieces in general.

5. Collar stretch checking

All piece of garment has to pass through the standard circle ring test.

6. Lamping checking

Cross check all piece to find any knitting defects.

7. Workmanship checking

Outlook: compare left and right, color matching/shades, collar shape, position of emb./prinintg or any special part.
Making: check the knitting/sewing defect on the garment. In case of any particular parts, will assign special person to check.
Procedure: From top (Front+Back) to check the garment as well as inside in anti-clockwise direction.
Under the case of acceptable dye lot, our carton packing section will handle it properly as customer's instruction.

8. B - grade garment handling

Using special "metal reaction sticker" to specify "un-qualified" garment.

8. B - grade garment handling

Utilization of color basket
Clear, easily to understand by each single section to process correct procedure (outlook/workmanship/B-grade/re-inspection) during the inspection.

8. B - grade garment handling

Provide place to manufacturer for repairing work.

9. Internal random checking

Independence department will random check A grade garment from workers before carton packing.
Record the result and report to supervisor daily.

10. Garment packing

Subject to customer packing instruction, and pack it one by one in standard cardboard. Extra step to cross check the size before needle check.

11. Needle detector

Daily machine check at 08 : 00、 12 : 00、 13 : 30、 17 : 30
Ensures proper specimen to check the machine is in good condition.
Records daily test of the machine performance.
Scheduled regular maintenance.

12. Carton packing

FS will provide the full service of packing in term of carton numbering/ packing requirement with detail packing list. Any particular dye lot or B grade goods is listed for supplier record.
Each carton is sealed with FS logo adhesive tape as well as needle check sticker to specify the carton is in good condition.

13. Goods collection

FS will contact manufacturer in advance to arrange the goods collection.
FS can offer temperately goods storage by appointment.

14. Inspection report

FS will furnish inspection reports within the next working day of inspection by fax / mail to concern parties.
Inspection result is also available through our web-site.